Rabbi Ratzun Arusi visits the Jewish communities in London

הרהRabbi Ratzun Arusi left Tuesday morning to visit the Jewish communities in London. The purpose of his visit is to raise awareness to the issue Torah court system (Mishpat Ha Torah). As is known Rabbi Arusi has been working towards the establishment of an international center for Torah court system for many years. Rabbi Arusi has even established a building for this purpose, which is now in its final stages of construction. The importance of the Torah court system is that its represents the connection between the Israeli nation and its Jewish identity. In this important visit Rabbi Arusi will speak to the Jewish communities about the importance of the Torah court system and its relevance to our times. Rabbi Arusi will also meet with the leaders of the Jewish communities in order to enlist their support for this important mission, which hopefully through our joint efforts will be successfully completed.

12/10/07 ל' תשרי התשס"ח

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